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TWG 6: Story repost...

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 12:45 am    Post subject: TWG 6: Story repost... Reply with quote

So, because is gone (and the forum with it), I thought I'd repost the stories from TWG 6 and TWG 7, just to make them accessible to those that want them. So here, in order are the posts from TWG6:

Welcome one and all to the 6th edition of The Werewolf Game. I just thought I’d give Ccomics88 a break this time around (he seems to be in the thick of things in Gming TWGs). I am the official game master of TWG6! We’re playing the game this time around with 25 spots: 1 angel, 2 seers, and 6 werewolves. It’s all simple; no funky shootouts or anything like TAG6 “endgame.” So, that said, here’s the list of everyone who’s playing (currently we still need people):
  1. TheOneAgentsFear
  2. Its_The_Sneak!!!
  3. Kramerica
  4. Hooooomsar
  5. Gotter/Jormungand
  6. verbatim
  7. squeakyguy91
  8. tape-leg2
  9. strongbadrules
  10. Ccomics88
  11. The_Goblin
  12. cow_with_gun
  13. Crush
  14. cyber95
  15. helloimneil
  16. cgnu fan
  17. keenbucket
  18. Sharp
  19. Susan
  20. Coffee
  21. metabad
  22. Ronkieboy
  23. sunbun
  24. yadaman
  25. Homestarrunnernet
  26. H*RBABE

After all the spots are filled, everyone with a special role will receive a PM from me telling them what their roles entail. Also, new to this game, the people will be electing mayors instead of them being chosen at random.

Here are links to the other TWG games hosted here on the forums:
TWG 5 – More Story…

The Special Roles:
Humans – These are the suspecting inhabitants of our quaint village in the remote woods of Vermont. They know that there’s something going on with the gory murders that have been plaguing their town for months. As of the start of this game, the Humans have resorted to a random killing each day to try and eradicate all the wolves of the town. They do this by posting who they want to kill in the thread.

Wolves – Wolves is short for werewolves. During the day, the wolves are people. They blend in perfectly naturally with everyone. However, once night comes around, they turn into bloodthirsty wolves. Each night they kill one human (as a group). To do this, all our wolves must do is send me a PM.

Seers – Every night, the seers will PM me, telling me whom they want to watch for that night. The identity of the person they watch will be revealed to them (wolf or human). They are, in spite of their spying abilities, still able to be killed by the wolves.

Angel – Every night, the angel will PM me telling me whom they want to guard for that night. If they chose to guard the same person the wolves try to kill, then no one dies that night. However, if the wolves attack them while they are protecting someone else, then they are killed.

Mayor – During the daytime, the citizens have taken to voting for who they want to die in the village. The mayor decides when the voting closes, and can manipulate the vote however he chooses, but this is not wise. Unlike other humans though, the mayor can’t be killed unless all the votes are for him (in which case he can’t overturn the voting).

Still confused? More rules here!!!

Now, PM me to sign up, and let the game begin!

TWG6 – The Game Begins
Sorry about how long it is, guys. I just had a writing curve last night and kept it running…

The sun rose early that morning. There was a cold mist hanging over the valley below the house, with the peaks of pine trees sticking up over it. There was an air of tranquility in the valley, as Jpec07 slept in his bed. He could hear the wind whistling through and the trickle of a distant stream. He looked up to his clock. “6:21” it blazed in a glowing red. He decided to shoot for those extra nine minutes of sleep he would get from the thing. He began to fall asleep again when he heard a loud buzzing sound that interrupted the peace he had just felt. He slammed his hand onto the snooze button and woke himself up. He had a feeling that today was going to start something; something that he hadn’t ever seen before, and probably wouldn’t live to see again. He rolled out of bed and got ready for his day.

About an hour and a half later the tires of his ’84 Vette could be heard pulling into the spot in front of his office. He stepped out of the car and clicked in the numbers for the alarm. The car’s lights flashed, signaling success, and he headed to the door of the firm. He could see that Sarah was already there by the tan sedan in the space next to his, and that she was helping someone by the green truck parked in the first of three spots near the door. He looked up from the truck and read aloud to himself, “Jpec07 – Private Investigation Services.” He smirked a little, reminded of his time with the CIA, and how he had been forced to leave. He never thought he’d wind up out here, in the middle of nowhere, working as a P.I. for the mountains of Vermont.

He stepped into the small office and Sarah said, “You have someone waiting for you, Jpec.” He nodded, saying,
“Thanks Sarah, were there any messages on the machine?”
“None when I got here,” she replied, “but you have someone waiting for you in your office.”
“Good morning,” he said, heading towards his office. He opened the door to find a man sitting in one of the red leather chairs across from his desk.
“Hello sir,” he said, hanging his jacket on its rack, “How can I help you?”
“Good morning, Mr. Jpec,” he began, “I’m Mayor Greer from the town just north of here.”
“Please, just call me Jpec. Now, what can I do for you, Mr. Greer?” Jpec asked. He knew that this guy was probably just in here asking him to help track down a lost family member or maybe ask for his assistance in solving a personal crime.
“I’m here to ask your assistance in a string of, well, I don’t really know what to call them.” Jpec’s interest had been sparked.
“Go on,” he said, getting a cup of coffee and sitting behind his desk.
“Well, people have been disappearing as of late.” He said almost nervously.
“Disappearing?” Jpec asked, leaning forward.
“Well, yeah,” the mayor said, “It seems that every night someone else disappears. It’s gotten to the point where the people are starting to get violent.” Jpec sat back, surprised at that remark.
“Violent?” Jpec asked without thinking.
“Well, they have a suspicion that maybe werewolves have something to do with it, and that the wolves are hiding among them. I think they’re planning to start killing one another.” Said the mayor. He looked nervous to Jpec07. Something about him made the whole room antsy.
“Uh-huh. Listen, Mr. Greer, have you talked to the authorities yet?” the mayor leans in closer.
“To tell the truth, Jpec, the authorities were the first ones to disappear. That’s why I’m coming to you.”
“Mr. Greer,” Jpec began, “this sounds like it’s going to be out of my league, whatever it is.”
“Come now Jpec,” the mayor interrupted, “I know who you used to work for, and I know it won’t be cheap.”
“How much are you offering?” asked Jpec.
“$1,000 to investigate it.” Jpec leaned back. He knew from the nervousness in this man’s face that he had more money to give, and that it wouldn’t be too hard to get it out of him.
“That’s it?” said Jpec, sounding surprised.
“$2,250 then, but no more.” Said the nervous man in front of him. Jpec decided to be generous. He’d just cracked a huge case, and could tell that this man was in no mood to be ripped off.
“Alright then,” said Jpec, standing up, “We have a deal, but I want a 10% down payment before I’ll even begin investigating as well as free accommodations.”
“It’s a deal,” said the mayor, standing and extending his hand. Jpec took it and shook.
“Now, I’ll need some time to prepare,” said Jpec, “I trust you’ll go ahead of me and make sure everything’s ready?”
“Sure thing,” said the mayor. He turned and exited the office. Jpec could hear him pulling out of the driveway and down the road.
“Sarah,” he said loudly, “I’m gonna go take care of the Andersons’ lost dog. I’ll be back in a bit.” He then grabbed his jacket and headed out the door of his office and into the reception area.
“But Jpec,” Sarah began, “We didn’t get any calls about a lost dog,”
“I know,” he said, “but they did call me at home last night while I was eating dinner. It shouldn’t take too long.” Sarah nodded, and began typing again, managing their funds in that computer on the desk. He watched her for a moment, her shoulder-length brown hair falling cleanly down around her head. She was wearing a white blouse and a light gray suit, which accented the gray in her eyes to make her look even more stunning than usual. He thought he caught a glance or two from her, but couldn’t be sure as she kept on typing. He shrugged when she looked up to him curiously and headed out the door.

The majority of the day was spent tracking the husky through the woods and down along the stream. What Jpec found at the end of the trail was a brutal scene. It looked as though the dog had been caught in the path of a snow blower. There was blood everywhere, and scattered bones and pieces of skin. He thought he saw its face hanging from a tree, but soon found that the day’s lunch had been spilled onto the ground. He turned and walked away, trudging through the stream to wash the blood from his lower legs and boots, and couldn’t decide what happened.
“…they have a suspicion that maybe werewolves have something to do with it…” came the words echoing through his head. He shuddered. If a single creature had the ability to do that to a dog, just imagine what it could do to a human. He excused the incident as a bear attack, saying that what little remnants of the dog were left were barely recognizable as a dog, let alone a husky. He couldn’t bear to see the young children flee into the house, crying up more than enough water to feed the stream he had washed his clothing in, nor the fact that he couldn’t answer any of the parents’ questions. He flipped open his cell phone and called Sarah.
“Jpec07 – P.I. services, this is Sarah, and how can I help you?”
“Hey, Sarah,” he answered, “I think I might need your help on this next case. Can you call the gentleman who came to us this morning and tell him that there will be another person coming along?”
“Sure thing,” she answered, “When should I be ready to go?”
“In about an hour,” he replied, “I’ll pick you up.”
“Ok,” she said, “I’ll see you then.” She hung up. Jpec climbed back into his Corvette and headed home to get some supplies, and then out to the office to pick up Sarah.

The ride had been longer than Jpec expected. It took the two of them nearly two hours to reach the small town, which was, as he had expected, very remote and quaint. All signs of pavement had been abandoned for a smooth dirt road that lead them through the town’s center. There was a large oak tree in the town center, its roots leveled into the dirt road by the years’ wearing them away. It had a long, solid and separated branch that shot an extra ten feet out of the tree’s foliage. As they drove under it, Jpec caught a glimpse of Mayor Greer walking out of the church whose front yard had been invaded by the tree. Sarah rolled down her window and Jpec called to him.
“Mayor Greer!” He said loudly, trying to get his attention.
“Jpec!” he said, “Welcome to Highstream.”
“Thanks,” said Jpec, “now where are we gonna live while we investigate this stuff?”
“I hadn’t expected you to bring along your assistant,” said the mayor, “but I’m sure you’ll do fine. I had some people clean out the Police Commissioner’s house today, I’m sure that will do well.” Jpec nodded. Something struck him as not right about this place – something was telling his nerves to dance and he didn’t know what it was.
“Thanks, Mayor,” he said in response, “how do I get there?”
“Just go down this road ahead of you until you go over the bridge. Then, take the road on your left.” Jpec nodded and then hit the gas as Sarah rolled up the window.

The house was relatively small; only one bedroom and bathroom for Jpec and Sarah to share. The study was a good size and had a good-sized desk and a whole wall filled with books containing information on a wide variety of subjects. While they were getting settled in, Sarah found a specific book lying open on the patio facing the woods.
“Uh, Jpec?” she said, “I think you should come have a look at this.”
“What is it?” said Jpec as he walked out the patio door. She pointed to the book open on the floor. Blood was smeared across the page it was open to and crusted around the other pages. Jpec read aloud through the blood.
“It is common belief that werewolves can take the form of humans. During the day, it is impossible to tell them apart from other humans. However, at night they change into the fierce creature that is known as the werewolf. According to legend, these creatures possess supernatural strength and razor-sharp claws. It has been said that the only material that can kill a wolf is silver.” Jpec looked up. Sarah was staring at him wide-eyed as he read.
“Come now, Sarah,” he said, “You don’t honestly believe these old stories, do you?”
“It’s just so eerie,” she said, her voice trailing off. Jpec closed the book and walked inside with Sarah following. He told her that he was going to get settled in and that she should start talking to the townspeople about the disappearances. He was puzzled that no one had found the book he had just read from, and sat down behind the desk. He began to open his bag to dig out his laptop when he heard a knock from the door behind him. He turned and saw a townsperson standing there.
“My name is Jones,” he said, stepping in, “you’re here to help find the werewolves I presume?”
“If the off chance that werewolves are responsible for the disappearances, then yes I am.” Said Jpec.
“They are,” began Jones, “I’m a scientist and I’ve been researching werewolves all my life. I recently moved up here to Highstream when a friend of a friend told me about the wolf problem up here.” Jpec knew the man was obviously a maniac. Who in their right mind could believe such absurd stories as these?
“That’s very interesting, sir,” Jpec began, “but please, give me some room to get settled in here. I only just got here. If you have information about the disappearances I’ll be glad to hear it, but not now.”
“Listen to me, Jpec,” said the man. How had he known Jpec’s name? “this is very typical of how the werewolves work. They will try to take out entire towns without the world knowing it. They go for the people in power and then completely devour the town in an all-out rage.” Jpec’s blood went cold with the man’s words. He had no doubt that the words he spoke couldn’t be true, but still, they sent a chill down his spine.
“Listen sir,” he began again, only to be cut off again.
“Ok, listen Mr. Jones. I’ll take your opinion into consideration, but please; I need a little room to breathe here.” Just then, they heard a blood-curdling scream echo from the town’s center. Jpec bolted out the door and down the road. The sun had managed to set by the time he reached the center to find Mayor Greer’s body, severely mangled and slashed open. Jpec might not have recognized the man had it not been for his nearly decapitated head facing toward him. He then looked up to see Sarah quivering and standing a few feet from the body. She was very shaken; Jpec could tell that she hadn’t ever seen something like this happen. He walked up to her and found himself embracing her as a crowd gathered around. Murmurs of disbelief rolled through the thin crowd, and then one of them stepped forward.
“People,” he said, “this tragedy was brought upon us by the wolves! We need to elect a leader for ourselves to fight this enemy and put an end to it once and for all!”

Now, special roles have been PMed, but before the game can continue, the people need to choose a mayor. So, everyone who has his or her name on the list should vote for a mayor. Go. Do it. Now. Vote away!

It ain’t TAG but we’re workin’ on it. Wink

“I say Homestarrunnernet!” was heard through the dead silence. Not one person had moved for at least five minutes after the man had stepped forward. Murmurs shot through the crowd and then Ccomics88 stepped forward.
“People,” he began, turning to face them, “We need a leader who is strong and won’t sway with the people. I nominate Crush!” Then cyber95 stepped forward.
“You seem to be a stronger leader among us,” he said, “why don’t you do it?”
Ccomics88 backed out of the center and Homestarrunnernet and Crush were thrust forward.
”All in favor of Homestarrunnernet as the new mayor, say, ‘yay.’” Most of the crowd resulted with a resounding, “yay”
“All opposed?” came the question from the middle of the crowd. One or two people said nay quietly and it was settled. Homestarrunnernet walked forward and said,
“People, let’s try to get a good night sleep tonight and pray that we aren’t attacked.” The crowd dispersed and Homestarrunnernet stepped toward Jpec, Sarah, and Jones who had eventually managed to make it to the scene.
“Who are you people and what are you doing here?” he asked directly.
“I’m Jpec, this is Sarah and I believe you know Mr. Jones. I am a private investigator and these are my assistants.” Jpec said.
“That answers the ‘who’ bit, but again, what are you doing here?”
“We’re here to investigate a series of disappearances. Mayor Greer requested my services and I came. We’re currently staying up at the commissioner’s house and basing our operation from there.”
“Well, welcome to Highstream. You people should get to your house before it gets dark.” Jpec nods.
“Goodnight, Mayor,” he says as he turns, still embracing a very shaken Sarah who was gently sobbing. He had no idea how the mayor had been so brutally murdered, and was determined to find out – in the morning. He slowly walked Sarah back to the house while Jones lingered behind.

The man stepped toward the bloody remains lying on the ground. He looked around to find that the streets were empty, and kneeled to have a closer look at the body. There were many slashes – in his mind, claw marks. They had very nearly destroyed the man completely. He looked for the familiar signs of an animal attack – parallel cuts, brutal, deep punctures, and various bruises. He found they were all there, and most disturbing; most of the man’s neck was missing. Jones stood up quickly, his stomach churning within him as he did. He could see the moon on the horizon, peaking up above the mountains, and hurried back to his house.

Jpec paced in the study. None of this made sense. The door to the balcony was left open and Jpec walked out on it, if not to get some fresh air then only to cool his mind. He could hear the patter of the distant stream and sat down in one of the chairs to read through the commissioner’s journal. He got through about 20 pages when things started getting eerie. Page after page began talking about mysterious tracks in the town and how more and more people were disappearing. Greer’s words echoed through his head again and again as he read, and they were only strengthened with the suggestion of Jones. He thought he heard a howl as his mind began to dip into sleep, and his eyes quickly widened with his heart rate increasing. He couldn’t believe what he’d just heard. He stood again and leaned on the balcony railing, looking out into the woods to see if he could find anything. The sound came again, only this time louder and more definite. Jpec thought he saw something in the woods but didn’t think about it before he sprinted back in the door, locking it behind him and drawing the curtain. His heart was racing and he was breathing heavily.
“Madness,” he said to himself aloud and then thought, Maybe I just need sleep. He turned off the light in the study and walked into the bedroom. He found Sarah asleep in the master bed, and decided to let her have it. She had, after all, had a trying day. He sat down in a reclining armchair and let himself fall asleep.

Nighttime! Wolves, Seers, Angel, PM me!

The Werewolf Game!
The Werewolf Game!

The sun shone in on the room where Sarah slept. It was early like the day before, but she was well rested. She looked down to find Jpec asleep in the chair at the foot of the bed. She wondered why he was there, and for a brief instant wondered what happened the night before. Almost instantly the memories came flooding back of the gruesome scene of the mayor’s mutilated body. She sat up with a start, breathing heavily. Jpec stirred, but Sarah stayed quiet so as not to wake him. She remembered the interviews she had led the night before – every detail in a very clear manner. Jpec, she knew, would want her to put the information in his system. She slowly climbed out of bed and put on a robe, heading into the study to begin entering information onto his laptop. The computer pinged and she opened the program he had made for filing information and profiles. Almost too fast for it to handle, her fingers sped across the keyboard. Information was being entered from her mind without a second thought.
“So this is why he brought me along,” she thought aloud as she continued typing. Within 10 minutes the whole town had been entered into the directory. The computer shut down with her consent, and she made her way to the kitchen to make some coffee.

The aroma of fresh coffee filled Jpec’s lungs as consciousness entered him. His eyes opened and he reoriented himself. He looked to the bed where Sarah had been sleeping and found the covers undone and her robe missing.
‘So that’s where the smell’s from...’ thought Jpec. He slowly got up and headed into the kitchen.

“Good morning, Jpec,” said Sarah, peering over the top of her newspaper.
“Morning,” he said, while pouring himself a cup of the fresh coffee. He was surprised that the Boston Globe was delivered this far out. He shrugged and continued to make them breakfast.
“I put the information into the system,” she said, breaking the silence.
“That’s nice,” said Jpec, distractedly. He hadn’t had his coffee yet, and it showed. Sarah decided to put off conversation until later when he had woken up more.

The townspeople gradually filtered into the town center as the morning progressed. All were present and accounted for with the exception of Crush.
“Hooooomsar, cgnu fan,” Homestarrunnernet called, “have either of you seen Crush this morning?”
“I haven’t seen him,” said Hooooomsar.
“Me either,” said cgnu fan.
“Alright,” said Homestarrunnernet, “would you two take The_Goblin with you and check on him?”
The three of them went to Crush’s house and pushed the door open. It was completely dark within. Cgnu fan stepped in, followed by the other two.
“Spread out,” he said, “and holler if you find anything.” They did so and started searching. After about five minutes, Hooooomsar found a pool of blood in the bathroom. There were paw-tracks leading around the corner. He grabbed the first object he could find – a razor on the sink, and held it in his hand. His blood was pumping quickly through his veins, and he could only hear the accelerating beat of his heart. With great speed he turned the corner and was attacked by a wolf. He jammed the razor into the beast’s eye and it yelped.
“Hooooomsar?!” The_Goblin called, running into the room. He saw the remains and turned the corner to see Hooooomsar struggling with the beast. He fumbled around his personage for his pistol when cgnu fan stepped behind him with a look of horrified disgust. A shot was fired, and the wolf yelped. Hooooomsar jumped away from the beast, catching a slash in the back from its claw as he went, and cgnu fan drew a pocketknife. 3 more shots were fired and then the beast attacked.
While the wolf was attacking The_Goblin and cgnu fan, a hooded figure appeared in front of Hooooomsar from nowhere. The cloak shimmered in a brilliant white and a flurry of feathers shone. The face of the angel was cloaked in brilliant white as he drew his silver sword from its sheath. The wolf tried to run, but found itself cut down before he could even make it anywhere. Just as suddenly as he had appeared the angel was gone, leaving the bloody remains of the wolf and Crush on the ground of the bathroom. The three walked out of the house and back to the town center. Its_The_Sneak!!! and squeakyguy91 ran to help the injured men, and brought back the report of:
“Crush has been killed by the wolves.”
“People,” began Homestarrunnernet above the murmuring crowd, “we must now take action against them and bring down the wolves!”

Ok, so to recap:
  • Crush is dead.
  • A non-playing wolf was killed.


Werewolf – You say it “weerwulf,” not “wairwolv”
(you can check it out for yourself)

The knocking came to the door loudly.
“I’ll get it,” said Jpec as he got up and walked to the door, still wearing the clothes he had the day before. Opening the door revealed a disheveled Jones with a worried look on his face.
“Jpec,” he said, stepping in without invitation, “They’ve attacked in the daytime. I don’t know why they’ve done it, but they went out and stayed with their prey. This isn’t normal behavior for them; usually they do everything at night…” the words spilled from his mouth as he quickly paced through his living room.
“Whoa there, Mr. Jones. Slow down.” Said Jpec, trying to calm the man’s nerves. Sarah stepped in and touched the man on the shoulder.
“It’ll be alright, sir,” she said in a very soothing voice. He stopped pacing, “Would you like to sit down and talk to us about what happened?” He nodded and they all pulled up chairs, Sarah and Jpec sitting side by side on the couch and Jones taking the armchair across from them.
“This morning they held a town meeting,” began Jones, more orderly than before but still very shaken. There was a long pause, both Jpec and Sarah expecting him to continue with his story.
“And?” Jpec said after about five minutes. The word seemed to startle Jones as he jumped in his seat.
“Crush didn’t show up,” he said distantly, “They went to check on him and encountered a wolf, and also an angel.” Jpec’s jaw dropped when he heard this. Now they had eyewitnesses of a mythical creature. Then his logic snapped in.
“Show me,” he said, standing up, “I want you to show me the bodies.” Jones stood up as well.
“Follow me,” he said, seeming to have anticipated Jpec’s remark.
“You coming Sarah?” asked Jpec, turning toward her.
“I don’t think that’d be a good idea,” she said, pointing out the obvious wardrobe discrepancies and also noting, “you know what happened last time I saw a gory scene.”
“Alright,” responded Jpec, “I’ll see you in about an hour.” She nods and then Jones lead Jpec to the scene of the crime.

The air was musty when they got to the house, and Jpec could practically taste the blood in the air.
“This way,” said Jones, as though he were immune to the stench. Jpec was puzzled by this, but gave it no mind as he followed, digging a surgical mask from his bag. He tied it around his head as they entered the bathroom, and saw the remains of Crush mutilated on the ground.
“This isn’t the interesting part yet,” said Jones as he made his way around the remains. He silently pointed around the corner and Jpec stepped over the mutilated body. The eggs he’d had were already turning to rot in his stomach, but when he saw what was around the corner they filled his mouth once more. He swallowed it as best he could, but they were only doubled in his mouth once more. He opened the toilet seat and pulled his mask off, letting them out, and then turned to survey the scene again. On the ground, in two clean-cut pieces, was a wolf. It was much larger than anything Jpec had ever heard of or even seen, and yet it had been cleanly cut through its mid-section.
“Alright,” said Jpec, “You have me convinced about the wolf bit, but what killed it?”
“That would be the angel,” said Jones, “there seems to be at least one holding the wolves at bay in every town that the wolves inhabit.” Jpec remained silent; he had just been proved wrong.
“How is this possible?” he said, gawking at the dead creature before him.
“Come to my lab with me later on and I will show you.” Said Jones.

Outside, the people of Highstream had gathered in the town’s center for the day’s lynching.
“Remind me again why we have to do this,” said H*RBABE.
“It’s so we can get rid of the wolves,” responded Ccomics88. The people all cast their votes and Homestarrunnernet stepped forward.
“It would seem that TheOneAgentsFear is a wolf by popular demand,” he said, drawing a gun. He turned toward TheOneAgentsFear, but noticed that he had fled. He fired a shot at the man who was running down the road, and hit his shoulder.
“Get him!” shouted Susan as he and a few other people bolted down the road toward the injured person. TheOneAgentsFear turned a sharp corner only to find himself at an end. He turned to try and run, but found himself under a bombardment of fists and knives from the townspeople. After a minute, all life left him. His body was dragged into the town square to await transformation, but nothing happened.
“We’ve killed one of our own!” shouted helloimneil in despair.
“People,” said Homestarrunnernet, “We should get indoors. It’s getting dark and we know when the wolves attack.” With that, everyone headed back to their houses and sealed up for the night.

Jpec had gone to the mansion to work some more on the case and try to piece together who was who. He remembered, from his conversation with Jones that the wolves always infiltrated the townspeople to try and bring them down from the inside. Sarah had been extremely proficient as usual, and the two sat across from one another discussing the events of the day. Unexpectedly there came a knock on the door. Sarah got up and answered it and found Kramerica standing outside, the sun still peeking over the tops of the mountains.
“Kramerica, right?” she asked, “Come on in.” He stepped inside as Jpec stood.
“What can we do for you, Kramerica?” he asked.
“I’m just here to let you know that we killed TheOneAgentsFear today. He was a human.”
“What?!” said Jpec in astonishment, “You did what?!”
“The mayor suggested that we try to lynch the wolves out from among ourselves once a day.” Responded Kramerica.
“I can’t believe you’d do that,” Said Jpec, “Go home, Kramerica. I’m going to go have a word with your new mayor.”
The two of them walked out the door, and Jpec called to Sarah over his shoulder.
“Sarah, will you be alright tonight if I spend the night out?”
“I’m more worried about you,” came the response, “but it’s up to you.”
Jpec smirked as he and Kramerica parted ways. He then went to the Mayor’s house in hopes of discussing the day’s events with him.

Now, it’s nighttime.
TheOneAgentsFear is dead.
He was a Human.
Special Roles (wolves, seers, angel), PM me.

TWG – it’s like driving in a Triumph; you never know what’ll happen next.

Jpec knocked on the door to Homestarrunnernet’s house a couple times without answer. He was getting impatient and wondered where the mayor could be at a time like this.
“Homestarrunnernet!” he called out as he knocked again. He stepped away and was about to turn and break the door in when he was tapped on the shoulder.
“Excuse me, sir,” said the voice. He turned and it was Homestarrunnernet, “what are you doing on my property?”
“I came to talk to you,” responded Jpec.
“About what?” asked the mayor, stepping up and opening the door to his house.
“It’s about the way you’re handling the situation, sir,” said Jpec.
“Well come on in and we’ll talk about it,” said the mayor inviting Jpec inside. He followed the man into his house. The air was dank, like the house had been exposed to a summer’s heat and was getting its first taste of the outside world. Jpec unbuttoned the top button of his shirt as he was invited to sit in the living room. Homestarrunnernet set to work in the kitchen.
“Coffee?” he asked as Jpec examined the contents of the coffee table. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.
“Please,” he said, picking up a hunting magazine off the table. He flipped through it, pondering a few of the advertisements as he went. After a few minutes, Homestarrunnernet walked in and handed Jpec his coffee, setting his down and grabbing the remote with his other hand.
“So,” he said, turning the TV onto CNN, “what is it you had wanted to talk to me about?”
“It’s about how you’re running things,” said Jpec, putting some cream and sugar into the coffee and stirring it in.
“You have a problem with it, Mr. Jpec?” he said, taking a sip of his coffee.
“I’m merely saying that it’s not a wise idea,” replied Jpec, also sipping at his coffee, “There is great safety in numbers, after all.”
“I know this,” said Homestarrunnernet, “but we can’t just sit back while those b****es kill us!”
“So you’re just going to kill one person a day and run your odds that they’re not a wolf?”
“What else is there to do?” Jpec was puzzled by this question. He looked into his coffee cup, almost as though it would hold a response for him. He took a sip, and then asked,
“Where were you tonight, mayor?”
“What are you talking about?” responded Homestarrunnernet.
“I mean where were you when I was knocking at your door?”
“I was out helping some people get settled back into their houses. Crush was a rather popular guy and some people were really shaken by this loss.” Jpec nodded, finishing off his coffee in one large gulp.
“It’s been a pleasure, Homestarrunnernet,” he said, standing up, “but I really must be going.”
“Just be careful,” replied the mayor, leaning back in his chair, “I’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume that there will be another attack tonight, and you won’t want to be out and about when that happens.” Jpec nodded again and headed out the front door.
“Good night, mayor,” he said as he passed through the door and started walking back toward the commissioner’s house.

Later that night, after Jpec had gotten back to the mansion, a sound could be heard from one of the citizens’ homes. The man inside woke up, and knew he wasn’t alone. He jumped out of bed and turned on the light to reveal a pair wolves standing about him, ready to attack. Just then there was a blinding light, and the angel appeared in the room. All became a blur with the blinding light, and the wolves found themselves back in the woods, baring their fangs at a tree.
“I knew the angel would show up!” said one of them.
“Hush,” said another, “did you get a good look at his face?”
“I didn’t,” he responded, “we should get back to town, it’s nearly light.”
“Indeed,” said the other and the two wolves went back into the town, morphing back into humans as they ran.

Jpec woke up in the chair he had sat in. His back was sore, but he would be able to manage. He could see Sarah asleep on the bed in front of him and for once just looked upon her. He had never taken a moment just to look upon her, and now realized how beautiful she was as she slept. The sun shone through the window and illuminated her face, accenting her dark hair and making her appear to shine as the sun. ‘I need to get more sleep,’ Jpec thought as he tried to lean back. However, upon hitting the leather of the chair his back protested loudly. Yawning, he sat up and stretched, awakening the sleeping joints and muscles in his body and getting the blood flowing. He stood and headed into the kitchen to start making coffee.
The kitchen window was wide open when he walked in, and he headed over to it in order to close it. His hand caught something on the counter after he had closed the window, and he looked down. It was a note:
[quote=”Jones’ Note”]We need to talk,

Underneath it was a clip of bullets. They were lighter than a normal clip, and yet Jpec could see that it was full. He made coffee and thought about the issue no further.

That morning the townsfolk gathered in the courtyard of the church. Everyone was accounted for, and Homestarrunnernet stepped forward once more.
“People!” he began, “we must strike now and take revenge for what the wolves did to Crush and TheOneAgentsFear!” With that, the people voted.

No one died!
The angel decided to protect the right person.
Voting starts NOW!![/quote]

TWG – part 6 (because I’m too lazy to think up a good caption right now)

The votes were read by Homestarrunnernet after the whole town had voted.
“What are those votes you’re casting aside?” asked verbatim as Homestarrunnernet counted.
“Worthless,” replied the mayor, nervously. He finished counting the votes.
“It is decided then,” he said, “verbatim is to die.” He drew his gun and aimed it at verbatim’s heart.
“Hold on a minute,” said Sharp, “I voted for you, Mr. Mayor.” A few agreeing statements went through the crowd, but it was too late; Homestarrunnernet pulled the trigger on verbatim. The body fell to the ground, letting out a pool of blood upon impact. There was no change.
“It’s all your fault!” yelled cyber95. He and a few of the other townspeople started advancing toward Homestarrunnernet.
“People,” he said, “we killed another human today-” Just then he looked down toward verbatim’s body. The man had sat up and now looked coldly upon Homestarrunnernet. The mayor’s mind filled with horror and he emptied his gun into the man’s chest, but he just took all of the hits. The crowd had stopped advancing.

Jpec loaded the clip into his gun after breakfast. There was something peculiar about the bullets, but he paid it no heed as he headed out the door. He was determined to find a few things out about Mr. Jones. He and Sarah had enjoyed their breakfast together, something he hadn’t been able to do since he’d left the Agency. He kept walking, grinning a little as he went. When he got to the center of town he noticed a commotion. ‘Not another lynching,’ he thought to himself as he kept walking. Then he saw verbatim sitting in the ground with at least 10 bullet holes in his chest. Jpec drew his gun, the sight of verbatim staring down Homestarrunnernet and the other townspeople with a chest full of lead set him off. Just then, he saw verbatim smirk.
“You honestly thought you could kill me, eh Homestarrunnernet?” said verbatim, his voice distorted and growing deep.
“I had hoped…” began the mayor.
“You fool!” said verbatim, “All of you!” He began laughing and his face started to change. His expression became enraged and he began to morph through his whole body. His arms became thinner as he slowly bent onto all fours. The muscles of his body became enlarged and he looked at Homestarrunnernet as fur began to grow over his body. There was no doubt he was a wolf. He leaped toward Homestarrunnernet.
Jpec’s mind flashed. He instinctively aimed the gun at the wolf’s head, everything slowing down in front of him. He could hear the heart of verbatim beating loudly as he pulled the trigger. The bullet flew straight through the air, sending out a shimmering shockwave as it went. Jpec knew it may have been too late for the mayor, but then a glistening shine caught the corner of his eye. From the middle of the crowd, a figure stood head and shoulders above the rest. His wings unfurled and he jumped in the air, flying straight down toward verbatim as he drew his sword of silver. The wolf’s body found itself impaled by the angel’s silver excalibur as the bullet whistled through its head. Just then, the figure of the angel disappeared and all that was left was the wolfish body of verbatim, lying on the ground in front of Homestarrunnernet and the rest of the citizens.
“Congratulations,” said Homestarrunnernet, “You killed a wolf.” There was cheering, but soon after everyone returned to their homes. The mayor lingered, wanting to talk with Jpec again.
“Thank you, Jpec,” he said as Jpec walked up, “You saved us.”
“It’s just one wolf, Mr. Mayor, there are bound to be more.” The voice was familiar. Jpec turned to see Jones walking up to them.
“In all honesty, Mr. Mayor,” said Jpec, “I think it was more the angel who killed the wolf than it was me.”
“Well thank you for being here,” said the Mayor, “Now, will you two help me dispose of the body?”
“Actually, Mr. Mayor,” said Jones, “I was hoping to take it back to my laboratory with me. I have some things I would like to find out about it.” After pondering it a moment, the mayor agreed.
“I’ll help you,” said Jpec, “I have something to discuss with you anyway.” He turned toward the mayor to bid him farewell, but he had already left. With that, he and Jones carried the heavy weight of the wolf back to Mr. Jones’ laboratory.

In the laboratory, Jpec and Jones lay the body of the wolf down on a table.
“Jpec,” said Jones, “What is it that you wished to talk to me about?”
“About several things,” Jpec replied, “First, how did you get into the house?”
“Wasn’t it obvious? I came through the window.”
“I see, now what is with these bullets? They feel very lightweight.”
“That is because contradictory to conventional bullets, these are crafted of silver.”
“Silver?” asked Jpec.
“Yes,” responded Jones, “silver is, according to my findings, especially deadly to wolves.”
“Any idea why?”
“I was hoping to discover that from this body,” said Jones, “the reason I wanted it was because it was a recent kill, and much of the tissue may still be alive.” Jpec leaned back in surprise; a look of shock on his face.
“Don’t worry,” reassured Jones, “It is definitely dead, but the tissue hasn’t completely died out yet.” Jpec nods.
“So what exactly are you going to do?” he asks.
“Well, I intend to run experiments on it. Once I gather enough tissue I should be able to run some experiments.” Said Jones, trailing off.
“What do you hope to learn?” asked Jpec.
“I’m a scientist, Jpec,” said Jones, “it’s my job to learn whatever I can.” Jpec nodded.
“So, would you like some help?”
“Certainly, but first we should run an autopsy to find out what killed it.” Jpec nodded yet again. The procedure was a long one, but eventually they determined that it had been the angel’s run-through that had killed the creature, and that Jpec’s shot was mere overkill. Jpec then got curious.
“I’m going to see if I can’t find any hints in verbatim’s clothes about who the other wolves are,” said Jpec, “maybe we can stop them from needlessly killing one another.”
“It’s your choice,” said Jones, “but I’m going to begin experimenting on the wolf’s live tissue.” Jpec nods and they both do their thing, Jpec looking through the torn clothing on the ground and Jones collecting tissue samples from the cadaver. Jpec found, among the torn fabric, several items: a wrinkled and torn piece of paper, a knife, verbatim’s wallet, and many other things. The many pieces of the paper were impossible to read from, as there was hardly a fragment larger than a few letters of the scratchy print. Jpec knew that finding out what this note had said would be key to stopping the killings. He set to work on piecing the letter together.

verbatim is dead – he was a wolf.
It’s nighttime, the wolves, seers, and angel should PM me.

TWG – a bundle of fun all rolled into one! (minus the cheesiness)

Petri dish upon petri dish was cultured with samples from all over the wolf’s body. Some were already growing rapidly, being sustained in every way needed. Jones worked rapidly, looking into a powerful microscope and drawing sketches of what he saw on a paper. The figure of him hunched over the machine and scribbling on a paper furiously beside him would be enough to make any man laugh. Jpec stood in the doorway, after spending several hours of the night trying to piece the note together to no avail. He saw the man furiously scribbling away and walked over to him.
“Something interesting?” he asked. Jones jumped out of his chair, startled by the question.
“Have a look at this, Jpec!” he said as a child who’d just figured out math for the first time. Jpec walked over and peered into the microscope. There was a jumble of lines and dots.
“What exactly am I looking at here?” he asked, adjusting the focus so he could better see the image before him.
“Look at the helices of DNA,” said Jones quickly, “there are three strands!” Jpec gave the man an odd look.
“Three helices to the DNA?” he asked, puzzled. He looked again and quickly recognized that he was looking at the nucleus of a living cell. It was focused in on the DNA, and Jpec could clearly see 3 helices wrapping around each other. But wait, how did Jones get such a powerful microscope? He didn’t give the matter a second thought and continued looking through the machine at the DNA.
“Interesting,” he said, standing up and looking to Jones, “very interesting, but what else have you learned?”
“Much!” said Jones, picking up a stack of notebooks he’d filled with information. He plopped them on the table next to Jpec and Jpec looked at him. The man was in a craze; several coffee cups lay strewn around the lab, indicating the man’s hyperactive state. Jones stood in front of him and Jpec looked to him. He was lost in thought, never even still for an instant thinking silently to himself. When the time was right, Jpec extended his hands and grasped the scientist by the shoulders and forced him to look him in the eye.
“Mr. Jones,” he said, demanding the man’s attention, “I came in here to ask your help. I have had no luck with the note I found.”
“So you want my help, yes?” said the man, a little more sedately.
“Yes, I need you to come into the other room and help me piece together the note.” Said Jpec.
“Ok,” said Jones, “I just need to finish my sketches of the triple-helix.” Jpec nodded and headed into the other room. He lay the shards of paper out on a table and began experimenting with ways to fit them together. After about an hour with no luck, he went back into the lab to talk to Jones. Asleep and lying atop his sketches, Jones was burnt out. Jpec retrieved him a pillow and then went back to work on the note, keeping himself awake and running late into the afternoon and early nighttime by coffee. Eventually though, his strain caught up with him and he passed out cold on the table.

A sound, cyber95 sat up straight in his bed. He had heard a low rumble. His eyes peered through the darkness of his room and he saw that the window had been opened. After getting out of bed, he walked over to it to close it. The rumble happened again and his heart skipped a beat. He grabbed hold of a jar that sat on his dresser and spun ‘round. A familiar face greeted him.
“Oh it’s you!” he said relieved, “thank God! I thought it was the wolves.” The man across from him stayed silent.
“What are you doing here at this god-forsaken hour?” asked cyber95. There was no response but for a single step in his direction. Cyber began to get nervous.
“What are you doing?” he asked, groping about the wall behind him for something – anything he could use. His pulse quickened and then he saw the transformation. The man’s clothes disappeared and his muscles began to tremor violently. He went down on all fours as bared teeth extended from his face and hair grew thick about his body. Cyber panicked and tried to make a run for it, only to be cut down by the wolf without a moment’s notice.
“But I never thought…” were his last words as his voice trailed off. The wolf sniffed at the dead body and turned away in disgust, making its way out of the house – his job had been done.

The sun lay below the horizon as Sarah awoke. The chair at her feet was empty, and she figured she would finally be able to slip a shower in. She made her way to the bathroom and took her pajamas off, turning the water in the shower on. It was warm – just the way she liked it. Jpec hadn’t been at the house that night, and she was worried. But the water relaxed her and set her mind at ease. She smiled, and began washing herself in the shower. She wasn’t too worried about Jpec, he could handle himself pretty well in a fight. Oh great, now she was thinking of him while in the shower. She blushed and smiled, knowing that anything between them would be forbidden. Still, she couldn’t help thinking about him, even now while she washed.

Jpec awoke with a start. The day hadn’t yet started and he saw Jones standing next to him, piecing the note together. He glanced at his watch; “5:11.” He yawned and stretched, gaining his bearings once more. It had been a good night’s sleep, in spite of his sore back. He glanced at Jones’ progress and saw that the note was nearly complete.
”What’s it say,” said Jpec as the man continued to work.
“Something really cryptic,” he responded, “you need to read it.” Jpec yawned again and leaned forward. His eyes adjusted to the light and he read aloud:
“verbatim, your next task is to accompany Arcadian to the commissioner’s old house and kill its current inhabitants. We can’t afford to have someone of Jpec’s skill snooping around; he may find us out. Please do this as soon as possible.
The note was written in a scratchy handwriting, very hard to read. Jones stood back as Jpec leaned forward to peer at its contents once more. His eyes widened and he jumped from the desk.
“Jones,” he said, “did you learn anything that could help me in a hand-to-hand fight with a wolf?”
“Well, I learned that silver is a toxin to the wolves. They have enzymes in their blood that break it down and make the blood extremely thick, almost to the point of being a solid.” Jones replied.
“So one shot of the silver bullets should kill them?” Jpec asked, putting his jacket on and beginning to head for the door.
“Yes,” replied Jones, “and Jpec, I hope for your sake that Sarah is still alright.”
“Thanks,” said Jpec, and he was out the door.

So, to recap:
The wolves killed cyber95 – he was human (obviously).
Sarah’s in big trouble.
It’s daytime now so you should vote.

TWG – Some say it’s better than sex (who those some are I would prefer not to know).

To some, the day may have seemed peaceful; the sun rising over the mountains and reflecting off the dew on the grass and leaves. But to Jpec, the illusion didn’t hold true. ‘I have to get to Sarah!’ he thought silently as he ran down the road. The note ran its words through his mind again and again, like a poison. He knew that things were about to go wrong, and Sarah was blissfully unaware of the approaching danger. Adrenaline shot through him and he ran faster.

Sarah stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel about her chest after drying off her hair. The warm water had calmed her nerves. She walked out into the bedroom, the cool wind from the open window causing Goosebumps on her skin. She grabbed her arms and moved to close it.
“Sarah!” yelled Jpec at the top of his lungs after pounding on the door. Again and again he pounded, fearing the worst. He then remembered; this was his house as well. He dug the key out of his pocket and jammed it in the door, almost ripping the lock out of its socket. He ripped the door in and bolted into the house, going straight to the bedroom.
“Sarah!” he yelled again. He heard the sound of a door opening as he turned the corner and the two of them nearly collided.
“Sarah! Thank God you’re alright,” said Jpec, wrapping his arms about her.
“Jpec,” she said puzzled, “what’s going on?”
“I’ll explain later,” he responded, “Not just go back into the room and lock the door.” He pushed her into the room and closed the door behind her. A sudden sharp pain in the back of his neck alerted him that something was there. He spun quickly, his eyesight getting blurry. He could make out two figures, and saw one of them approaching as his eyesight failed. The footsteps in his ears echoed into his mind from farther and farther away. Then, all was silent.

Sarah fell back into the room with Jpec’s shove. She stood, the breeze from the window still making her shiver. She closed the window and the air stopped blowing in. For an instant she was relieved, but just then, out of the silence, she heard a muted gunshot from outside the room. She began to step away from the window when another sound graced her ears; that of a deep growl. She turned again to the window only to see it shatter in front of her and the full weight of a werewolf pouring through it. It landed haphazardly on top of her and rolled off her, giving her an instant to get up. She grabbed about the nightstand beside her, her heart beating faster and faster. Was it out of fear that she shook or just the cool air blowing into the room once more? The creature let out a growl, bearing its fangs as her hand fell upon a pistol. ‘How did this get here?’ she wondered, taking hold of it. The wolf lunged at her, barely giving her room to slip to the side, as the razor-sharp claw tore through the towel to the skin. She jumped away, her side stinging from the claw. She noticed the creature tangled in her towel, and felt the draft blow through the room. She took aim and shot once.

The town gathered early in the courtyard of the church. Several accusations were brought before the crowd as the citizens bitterly argued. Finally the mayor stepped forward.
“People,” said Homestarrunnernet, “what will arguing get us? All in favor of the day’s lynching say I.” Every person in the crowd said the one letter and then they all began shouting out names.
“Coffee is a wolf!” Hooooomsar said, “I called him last night and he didn’t answer!”
“Of course what were you doing calling him, eh?” retorted Gotter, “I think you were just making sure he was in so you could kill him!”
“What?!” said Hooooomsar.
“Honestly!” shouted Coffee, “I haven’t seen you show up to any of the lynchings! Why should you want to kill me off when you’re acting a lot more suspicious?” Hooooomsar was silenced and the crowd began arguing again. After about five minutes the Mayor climbed the stairs of the church’s porch and said in a loud voice;
“All in favor of lynching Coffee say I!” half the people responded, and he went on.
“Now, all in favor of lynching Hooooomsar, say I!” this time the other half responded and it was nearly a dead tie. Homestarrunnernet stood at the podium.
“There is only one way to settle this,” he said, “Everyone, right the name of who you want killed on a piece of paper and bring it up to me.” The crowd quieted down and H*RBABE supplied the necessary paper. Soon after all the votes were in to Homestarrunnernet and he turned to count them. The seconds that passed seemed like hours to the people and he turned.
“It is decided,” he said, “will the two people in question, Hooooomsar and Coffee, please step forward.” The crowd nearly shoved them to the front and Homestarrunnernet drew his pistol. Almost without a second thought he shot Coffee straight between the eyes, and he fell to the ground, his blood leaking onto the grass. Several minutes passed without a change.
“He was human!” cried tape-leg2.
“We messed up again!” said Ccomics88, cursing afterward.
“People,” said Homestarrunnernet, “we have killed another human today. Continue about your lives and really think about who you want to kill tomorrow, if it comes to that.” With that the crowd dispersed, but some people noticed that one among them was missing.
”Where is he?” asked one.
”I dunno,” said the other, “I have seen him go to the house of that crazy scientist once or twice, but I’m not sure.”
“Oh well,” responded the first, “it’s not like it’s our problem.”

You killed Coffee
Coffee was a human
It is nighttime now
The seers, angel, and wolf should all PM me.

TWG – Through writing this story, I came to the realization of one terrible fact: Sarah was never given a last name.

The beast pulled its head down in a rant as it tried to disentangle itself from the towel. The shot Sarah had fired scraped past its shoulder blade, shattering it and giving the creature a flesh wound with a loud yelp. Tearing through the towel, the creature found itself free again, staring Sarah down and bearing its teeth. The two stared at each other fiercely as the wind blew in through the window. Sarah held the gun out in front of her, staring into the creature’s eyes. It was not anger, however, that she saw in its eyes, but fear. She hesitated an instant before pulling the trigger and the wolf jumped out the window, leaving behind the back half of its tail as was cut off by Sarah’s shot. She smiled, breathing heavily; she had just won over the wolf. She heard a loud knock on the door and a worried man imploring,
“Ms. Adalev?!” It wasn’t Jpec’s voice; or at least she didn’t think it was. The door buckled again under another heavy knock. She moved her mouth to speak, but found no words were coming out. Another knock and the door developed a crack. Sarah quickly reached for a large button-down shirt and fastened it over herself as the door was broken in. She looked to see who it was only to feel a sharp pain above her collarbone. With fading vision she collapsed, only to see two men run into the room. She felt herself lifted off the ground and then passed out, her wound stinging as the cotton threads of the shirt rubbed against it and sopped up some of the blood. Then, all feeling stopped and she passed out.

It seemed only seconds later that Jpec woke up. He opened his eyes and looked around. He was lying on a thin mattress in a concrete cell. He saw Sarah lying on the bed opposite him, wearing a button down shirt with a large stain in its side. ‘Wolves!’ he remembered. He jumped out of the bed and rushed over to her bed. He kneeled next to her bed, placing his hand on her neck to feel for a pulse. There was nothing in the neck, so he grabbed her left wrist and checked there. The pulse was so weak that he could barely feel it moving through her arm.
“Sarah?” he asked worriedly. She stirred, and Jpec noticed that the stain on Sarah’s shirt wasn’t just anything; it was blood.
“Sarah! Please wake up!” he said again, urgently. Her eyes opened weakly.
“Jpec?” she asked wearily, “where are we?”
“I don’t know, but you’re hurt,” responded Jpec.
“You think I didn’t know that?” she asked, looking down to the stain on her shirt.
“What happened?” he asked.
“A wolf attacked me, that’s what,” she replied, “it cut me pretty deeply.”
“We have to close the wound,” said Jpec, “you want me to do it?”
“As long as you can promise not to stare when you’re done,” she said.
“You don’t make it easy, but I’ll try.” He removed her shirt and began tearing strips out of it to tie around the wound. He then dug a flask of whiskey out of his pocket and moistened one of the strips with its contents. Sarah cried in pain as Jpec washes the wound with the alcohol-enriched fabric, and then Jpec began to wrap the wound. The gash was large, and took several pieces of the fabric to completely seal. The shirt was gone, Jpec having used the whole thing to seal the wound. He gave her his shirt and she fell asleep quickly. He began pacing, wondering where they were and how they got there. His neck was sore, and he could feel his hand like ice rubbing up against it as he walked about.

The citizens slowly filed into the town’s center for the morning meeting. Among them, only one was missing.
“Have either of you seen strongbadrules?” Hooooomsar asked Kramerica and tape-leg2. They both shrugged and shook their heads.
“Alright then,” responded Hooooomsar, “Homestarrunnernet, Kramerica and tape-leg2 have volunteered to check up on strongbadrules.”
“What?!” asked Kramerica, “that’s ridiculous!”
“Yeah!” said tape-leg2, “How do we know there isn’t another wolf hiding in his house?”
“You’ll just have to go blindly,” said Homestarrunnernet, “it’s not likely that the wolves would stay again,” Tape-leg2 shrugged and then Mr. Jones stepped forward.
“Take this,” he said, handing over a pistol, “it’s loaded with silver bullets.” Kramerica grabbed the gun.
“I’ll be back,” he said in a very Terminator-esque style. He and tape-leg2 walked to strongbadrules’ house.

The door was left open as the two stepped up onto the porch. Kramerica went in the lead, tape-leg2 following closely behind. Almost without having to look they saw the body of strongbadrules, clutching the remote and completely lacerated on his couch. There was blood everywhere around him, and the couch was also torn. The television was tuned to the weather channel, and tape-leg2 paused to watch it.
“…and tonight for the first time this month we will have a new moon. That means that if you’re looking out in the night sky, the stars will be as clear as though you were in space itself.” Kramerica looked up from the couch,
“What did it just say?” he asked.
“New moon tonight,” said tape-leg2.
“Really?!” said Kramerica excitedly.
“Yeah, let’s go back.” And the two people left the house, leaving the massacred strongbadrules on his couch. They informed Homestarrunnernet of the information, and the people then voted.

Alright, so to recap:
Jpec and Sarah are in some kind of holding cell
Strongbadrules was killed
It’s time to vote!

The Werewolf Game: Moving forward with or without the other people…

The last vote was cast by 1:00, as the citizens debated whom they should lynch. Homestarrunnernet stepped up to the bucket and began silently reading names on the papers. After about fifteen minutes he turned and faced the crowd, drawing his gun.
“The_Goblin,” he said, “please step forward.” The man’s face turned from a look of confidence to a look of fear as he was shoved forward. Homestarrunnernet drew his gun and aimed.
“Now, wolf” he began, moving his finger over the trigger, “it’s time for you to die.” The crowd winced as his finger tightened around the trigger, but there was no sound. Homestarrunnernet looked down at his hand curiously and pointed the gun at the ground. A bullet fell out of the end and hit the ground heavily.
This was his chance! The_Goblin turned around and darted through the crowd, only to have cgnu fan trip him to the ground. He lay still for a moment, and then the mob honed in on him, beating him to a bloody pulp. After about five minutes his body lay gnarled and mangled on the ground in a pool of blood. There was no change in his form.
“Wait a second,” said one of the people, “I thought I voted for Homestarrunnernet!”
“Yeah, me too!” said another as agreeing calls rang up from the crowd. Attention was shifted to the man who was staring in disbelief at the gnarled body on the ground. His eyes stiffened and he turned to the crowd.
“I’m sorry,” he began in a sorrowful tone, “but we cannot let this tragedy keep us down! Tomorrow we will kill a wolf!” murmurs and grumbles went out from the crowd as they dispersed from the lawn of the church, and The_Goblin’s body was left out in the sun to rot.

The door of the cell opened and light poured in on the two inhabitants. Jpec stirred and opened his eyes. Blurry figures of men walked in and he felt himself lifted. He shook his head and became more aware of what was happening. He looked at the faces of his captors, but couldn’t recognize either one.
“Where are you taking me?” he asked frantically.
“You’ll see,” sneered one of them, continuing to carry him, “Oh yes, you will see.” The two captors laughed eerily as they continued carrying Jpec down the hall.
“Wait,” Jpec tried, but they kept walking, “What about Sarah?!”
“Don’t worry, she’s next,” they responded. Jpec looked up towards the cell to try and catch his bearings, but quickly he became confused. This place, wherever he was, was a massive labyrinth of concrete walls and doorways, each one the same as the other. The carriers stopped and he looked down beyond his feet. A red double-doorway stood there, impeding their progress. The front carrier’s knee hit the control panel to the right of the door and another unfamiliar face appeared on the monitor above it.
“We brought the prisoner just like you asked,” said the rearmost carrier.
“Good,” respond
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