So it was requested that I put instructions to how to get to the IRC
channel (chat room type thing) on the main site. So here you go.

For Windows:
If you have a non-mac or -linux computer, then you should download
mIRC, which is supposedly a 30-day trial, but once the 30 days
are up, you can still use it. When it loads up, you just have to
wait a minute to click "Continue." Another option is Firefox's
built-in client, ChatZilla. I don't recommend you use it. It's
confusing and the text format is weird, so if you copy and paste
anything written in it, no one will really understand what you are

For mIRC, you might consider downloading an addon for it, such as
sysreset. But I'll just focus on a basic mIRC setup for right now.
So you open up mIRC, and you get a nice window with a white window
inside of it. You may want to consider changing these colors
because they can become painful to the eyes eventually. Go to
"View" -> "Colors..." for that, or hit Alt + K. I have a black
background, myself. Now, you want to get to the channel. You'll
have to connect to server we're at, which is "".
To do this, type in the window, "/server". Once
you are connected, you can register your nick. This is very much
recommended. To register, type "/nickserv register [password] [email]".
Then, whenever you connect to IRC, just type "/nickserv identify
[password]", and you'll be logged in. There's also a way to make a
script so that you don't have to type that everytime to connect,
but I'll have that later on in this.. article thing.

So you are connected, and your nick is registered. Let's join the
channel! Type "/join #homestarrules" and you'll join. The "#"
marks the name as a channel. When you join, you'll see a list of
nicks on the right. These are all the people currently in the channel,
with symbols representing their status. For example, "Tsuta" is prefixed
with "@" ( "@Tsuta" ) to show that Tsuta is an operator, or op. Operators
are like Moderators or Admin. We run the channel. People with the
symbol "%" are half-ops, like a mini-mod. They have certain powers,
but not as many as op's. People with "+" in front of their name are
"voiced" people. Basically, just a regular person. However, if
someone has no symbol in front of their name, they have no voice.
In other words, they did something stupid and an op or half-op took
away their voice for a while and they cannot speak. (Actually,
in channels without the mode "+m", or Moderated, a person with no
voice can still speak. This makes it so that people with voices have
more status and probably more channel-specific priveldges.)

Though, if you have an IRC client installed and are lazy, just click
this link. Don't rely too much upon a link though, you should learn
how to get to the channel manually, too. It's good to know and all
that. irc://

For the script thing to identify automatically when you connect, click
File, then "Select Server...". In the little list on the left of
the new window, go to "Options" (just below "Servers"). Click the
button that says "Perform...", make sure the little checkbow at the
top of this new window is checked, then in the text box, type
"/msg nickserv identify [password]". Yay.

For Mac/Linux:
I have no idea. Talk to Empy or Rockman about it, I guess.